Success Stories

Real Success Stories From Real Clients!

Our bed bug detection and prevention services have saved our residential and commercial clients thousands of dollars.

Successful Bed Bug Detection Stories | Bed Bug Finders - new-york-office-building-bed-bug-inspectionCase Study #1:  Corporate Client In New York City Office Building

We received a call from the facilities manager of a large multi-media company who stated they found a couple of bed bugs in one of the floors where over 300 employees worked. They were told by another bed bug canine inspection company (that was owned by a pest control company) that they had bed bugs throughout the entire floor in multiple locations and that the whole office had to be chemically treated after regular working hours when no employees were present. Word got out to the employees that bed bugs were in the work areas, and as a result, many employees did not show up to work. And when numerous employees failed to show up, work production decreased dramatically.

The facility manager called us two days before the scheduled treatment and asked us to perform a canine inspection. We did this inspection the following day, and our canine-handler team was unable to find any bed bugs. The canine on duty that day “paused,” but did not alert in the area where they found the two bed bugs. The facility manager only had the working area where the bugs were found treated and nowhere else, and at the end of the day saved his company a net of $38,500.00, after our modest fee. The employees returned to work, and production was restored to normal levels.

Successful Bed Bug Detection Stories | Bed Bug Finders - office-bed-bug-inspection-apartment-in-new-englandCase Study #2:  Multi-Apartment Housing Complex in New England

We received a call from a pest control company in February of 2009 who asked us what our pricing would be to inspect 400+ apartments. In August of that same year, we were authorized to perform the inspection of this complex. The Director of Facilities told me that the infestation level in the complex should be low. Some of the tenants complained about bed bug problems in this complex, and some even called the media. When we arrived at the site, we confirmed the presence of the bugs.

The findings of our inspection showed that there was an abnormal level of bed bugs in these units and that 11% of the units had high levels, some with over 400 bed bugs in their unit. In addition to the problems with the bed bugs, we also found unsafe and unsanitary conditions that were also recorded in our inspection report that was provided to the facility director.

A strategy was developed with their pest control company, the Director of Facilities, and us that resulted in the elimination of bed bugs that were in line with their budget. This was a positive outcome and a win-win for the landlord and the tenants. The strategy developed was to treat only those apartments that had bed bugs, lightly do a protective treatment to the surrounding apartments around the infested apartment(s), and NOT treat those apartments with no bed bugs. This “search and destroy” strategy, versus the “spray and pray” approach, saved the landlord thousands of dollars.

Successful Bed Bug Detection Stories | Bed Bug Finders - housesCase Study #3:  Connecticut Homeowner Having Bed Bugs

We received a call from a homeowner who advised us that their child was experiencing bite marks on her arm and thought they might be bed bug bites. We asked her to send us a picture of her child’s bites, and after we saw them, we suggested that we perform a canine inspection.

The results of the inspection showed that our client had the physical presence of bed bugs, and the owner’s pest control provider was brought in to eradicate the situation. The owner, who also owned a retail store and professional practice, wanted to find the basis of her infestation at home and authorized us to inspect her office and at her employee’s residence. She obtained authorization from the employee, and the findings of these inspections also showed the presence of bed bugs in her reception area and at the employee’s home. Our client’s pest control company strategically performed the eradication of bed bugs, and we performed a post-treatment inspection. The results after the post-treatment inspections were negative, and there were no additional bed bugs detected!

Successful Bed Bug Detection Stories | Bed Bug Finders - library-public-building-bed-bug-inspectionCase Study #4: Library in Connecticut Was Told They Had Bed Bugs

We received a call from a director of a library in Connecticut who wanted us to provide an inspection at her location. She did not give us a reason for the inspection. However, after we performed the inspection, our findings were negative. There were no bed bugs detected at the time of the inspection. She was very happy with our results and did not think the library had bed bugs. She then told me she had an inspection performed by another bed bug canine company who was also in the pest control business and advised her that she had bed bugs. The outcome of this event was a significant saving by not having to heat treat hundreds of books and spray pesticides in the library common areas.