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Prevent a Full-Blown Infestation with Help from Our Keen Canine Detectors

Our canines can accurately pinpoint the slightest trace of bed bugs, even in tough to reach places.

We believe that bed bug prevention is the key to happy residents, comfortable employees, and a successful business. The Bed Bug Finders understand that your home or business is important to you, which is why we offer one of the most effective beg bud detection methods in the industry- specially-trained canines. Because dogs have a strong sense of smell, they’re excellent at detecting the first signs of bed bugs, and earlier detection means faster prevention. Let’s be honest, early detection can save you a lot of stress and added expense down the road!

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Our Advisory Services Allow You to Make Well-Informed Pest Control Decisions

Our reporting goes above and beyond industry standards to give you a detailed insight into the scope of the infestation.

If it turns out you do have an infestation, we can refer you to one of our strategic partners, or you can hire your own pest control company, to eliminate these pests. Our team will provide all the information you’ll need to help create a plan that is not only going to be effective but cost-efficient as well. Along with our exceptionally detailed report cards, we often provide value-added services that will note any other potential issues within the building we might find.

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Verify That Your Property is Bed Bug-Free with 90+% Accuracy

With our help, you can feel confident that your pest control program was entirely effective.

Our canines, in combination with our highly trained and compassionate inspectors, assess numerous factors when evaluating any property. We understand that your home or business is important to you. For example, in the event you had an infestation that’s already been eliminated, our team can come in and verify that there are no more bugs left on your property. Our bed bug dogs will search your entire property, from the thinnest cracks to deepest crevices, to ensure nothing was missed.

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Our Canine Inspections are Highly-Efficient, Discreet, and Thorough

Our team provides a completely confidential report that goes above-and-beyond to give you additional insight into the condition of your property.

We recognize that as a business owner, you have a reputation to uphold. For this reason, we completely respect your privacy and will ensure that our detection services are discreet and thorough. All of our services are completed with the utmost respect to both tenants and the property owner(s). Because our reports are confidential, all information obtained and recorded stays exclusively between you and us.

See How We’ve Helped Others Save Money, Make Smart Choices, & Gain Peace of Mind
Bed Bug Finders, LLC Has Been Profiled In News Outlets You Trust
The New York Times, The Stamford Advocate, and Brockton Mass News trust Bed Bug Finders because of our innovation in technology and practices for detecting bed bugs. Our canine and human team members stay on top of their game by attending numerous training programs, conferences, and webinars, and have the highest level of accreditation for bed bug detection in the industry.

Our IBBMA-Certified Bed Bug Detection Dogs Provide Fast, Discreet & Accurate Inspections for Any Size Property

Bed Bug Detection Services: Norwalk, CT | Bed Bug Finders - image-content-dog-on-lawnIf you need bed bug detection in New England and New York, Bed Bug Finders, LLC can help!

Unlike typical bugs like flies and mosquitoes that can often be eliminated with a flyswatter and some bug spray, bed bugs are incredibly difficult for the average person to get rid of. That’s where our professional bed bug detection and inspection services can help. We inspect both small and large properties and more importantly, we have the results to support the effectiveness of our bed bug inspections!

If you think bed bugs are only in beds, think again. Bed bugs can be found everywhere, from conductors’ cushions on subway cars and books in local libraries, to corporate offices and movie theaters. The reality is that you can find bed bugs anywhere humans are. That is the common denominator because bed bugs feast on human blood to survive.

That’s why you need a bed bug inspection and verification specialist like Bed Bug Finders LLC. We have helped hundreds of satisfied customers with our bed bug detection services.

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