Meet Our Dogs

Thorough Bed Bug Detection Dogs Serving Fairfield County and the Surroundings Areas

Bed Bug Detection Dogs: Norwalk CT | Bed Bug Finders LLC - image-content-dogOur canine bed bug inspection services can sniff out infestations with over 90+% accuracy!

It’s no secret that dogs have a better sense of smell than humans, but did you know they can be specially trained to sniff out bed bugs? At Bed Bug Finders, LLC, our bed bug detection dogs, Ruby, Pasha, and Bullet, can sniff out any pesky critters that may be lurking in your home or business.

IBBMA Certified Bed Bug Detection Dogs

When you choose Bed Bug Finders, you’re partnering with a company where one of our three Integrated Bed Bug Management Association (IBBMA) certified dogs – Bullet, Pasha or Ruby – will show up to your property to accurately find any pests quickly. To be a bed bug sniffing dog, our canines had to pass numerous difficult tests to become ‘certified’. As a result, you can be confident that you are working with the best bed bug detection company and canines in Fairfield County and the surrounding areas!

How Our Inspections Work

During each inspection, one of our experienced bed bug inspectors will work with the dog to understand what the dog is “saying” when finding the bugs. This helps us quickly locate where your problem areas are when it comes to detecting the bugs and help you get going with the appropriate bed bug control program. If you do have an infestation, we will refer you to one of our strategic partners who will eliminate those pests for good with a range of elimination strategies.

Get Accurate Results Today

Our dogs aren’t just bed bug sniffing dogs. They are bed bug detectives that are IBBMA certified and continually work on their job skills- they even have medical insurance!  Because of their keen sense of smell and small frames, our canines can get into hard-to-reach places to determine exactly where the bugs are hiding. Don’t let the bed bugs bite, give our team a call at 866-984-BUGS (2847) today!