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Our Mission & Promise

Our mission is to provide fast, confidential, and accurate bed bug inspection services to our clients who are seeking a reasonable, affordable solution to their potential infestation problem. Our team of bed bug specialist can restore much-needed peace of mind that can minimize the hardships that residential and commercial property owners often experience with a bed bug infestation. We will treat each client with respect and courtesy as if they were part of our family.

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We Have Experience Working with Large Businesses, Municipalities, Multi-Family Property Owners & More

Our canines have seen it all! From our experience, we've found that bed bugs don't just hide in beds, but also in a variety of other hard to find places. Our bed bug detection dogs have spotted infestations in large businesses, retail stores, corporate offices, movie theaters, restaurants, laundromats, and even police precincts! Regardless of the location, our team has accurately identified infestations, allowing licensed pest control experts to treat and eradicate these pests with minimal disruption.

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We Handle Anything From Single-Family Homes to High-Rise Offices and Apartment Buildings

At Bed Bug Finders LLC, we DON’T offer removal services. Our job is wholly focused on accurately locating infestations. Bullet, Pasha and, Ruby are smarter than the average human and have a wealth of experience detecting infestations in large-scale properties such as high-rise office buildings, family homes, apartment complexes, and more. Our detection dogs can maneuver into areas people can’t, and their keen senses of smell can find even the most well-hidden bed bugs. Regardless of the size of your property, our detection services can be customized to fit your unique environment. Our unmatched services are affordable, and the accuracy of our results will help save you a substantial amount of money by allowing professional exterminators to pinpoint the areas they treat.

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Bed Bug Finders, LLC Has Been Profiled In News Outlets You Trust
The New York Times, The Stamford Advocate, and Brockton Mass News trust Bed Bug Finders because of our innovation in technology and practices for detecting bed bugs. Our canine and human team members stay on top of their game by attending numerous training programs, conferences, and webinars, and have the highest level of accreditation for bed bug detection in the industry.

Get Quick, Discreet & Truthful Inspections for All Property Sizes with Our IBBMA-Certified Bed Bug Detection Dogs

About Us | Bed Bug Finders LLC - image-content-dog-on-lawnBed Bug Finders, LLC is one of the most respected and trusted New England and New York bed bug detection specialists.

We offer both small and large project detection work throughout Connecticut and parts of New England and New York State, as well as extensive project work in all of the Northeast and Middle Atlantic states. So whether you live in Bridgeport or Bristol, Westfield or Worcester, or anywhere in between, we offer bed bug detection and inspections that are entirely accurate and will help you find those pests that could be hiding anywhere, whether it’s your home or your place of business. We have also been featured in the New York Times for our renowned detection service!